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You have incarnated here on Earth with special gifts and talents and follow a unique soul plan that allows you to have the experiences you chose as a soul. Knowing what your essence is and where your journey is taking you connects you powerfully with yourself and gives you a better understanding what your purpose is on Planet Earth. This knowledge in turn allows you to live a more fulfilled life of joy and ease in harmony with the Universe.

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Decipher your true essence with the help of astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys.

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Let go of your outdated identity and finally shift into your desired next level identity.

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Embody your deepest truth in alignment with your soul essence.

Podcast Cover Yoga with the Universe

Get inspired in my German podcast "Yoga with the Universe" – it's all about spirituality, yoga, astrology, and tantra in theory and practice.

Or in my English Podcast "Ecstatic Bliss" – a mix of philosophical discourse, my own experiences from multiple life adventures and wisdom from within, channelled messages, as well as the poetry of words and the energy between the lines.

Deep thoughts, philosophical and spiritual poems, creative art, and a glimpse into my personal life – this you will receive on my Instagram.

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